I’m currently seeking an agent or publisher for my commercial women’s fiction novels.

40: The Big Four-Zero
Starting over in the hump year of life

A coming-of-age tale for 40-year olds, this novel follows the adventures of Emma Parker, as she starts over in what she calls “the hump year of life.” It’s a cross between Bridget Jones’s Diary and Eat Pray Love, without the praying.

The Great Cubicle Escape
How far would you go to get away?

Leah is a 25-year-old Junior Customer Service Paradigm Facilitator at a company called Decorate America!, trapped in a work world she doesn’t understand. Her mother is addicted to the Shoperama Channel. She gets promoted by one of her three bosses — to a job she already has. Her friend, the omnipotent director of IT, offers her a way out. Using the latest virtual simulation and holographic technology, his department will cover for her while she plays hooky from work for six months. What better place to find herself than in the tropical paradise of Thailand? Unfortunately, paradise is anything but.

Coming soon, a New Adult novel with fantasy elements. First draft complete.

Soulless (working title)
Love can save your soul

My mother was a witch. When she told me I was born without a soul, I believed her. I didn’t feel a thing when I killed her, so maybe she was right.

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