Fiction that saw the light of day

Somehow, some of my ramblings actually managed to  get published by wonderful literary journals everywhere! Who woulda thunk it?

Head-Smashed-In, 40 Below Project: Volume 2, November 2015, an anthology about Alberta winter.
Winter sets in and  a relationship disintegrates as a couple tours Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Nella of the Glass Houses, Danforth Review, May 2014
A housesitter wants to steal the rich lives of her clients.

The Remarkable Baobab, Fieldstone Review (University of Saskatchewan), 2013
A fictional ode to Thomas Pakenham’s wonderful book, The Remarkable Baobab, about these ancient trees.

My Name is Phuong, The Saranac Review, Issue 8, 2012-2013
My name is Phuong, that is a phoenix. My mother said never forget your name.

Madeleine, Refined, The Toronto Quarterly, Issue 7, 2011
A victim of the date rape drug starts a new life in new city, but her past  lingers beneath the surface.

Next Year Will Be Different, The Nashwaak Review, Vol. 24/25 No. 1, Summer/Fall 2010
When the worst happens, a crow family vows that next year will be different.

Mandy Raeburn, Room Magazine, Vol. 33.1, 2010
How far will you go to win?  An elite diver struggles with her competitive demons.

The Way Air Circulates, Winner 2008 Vancouver Courier Fiction Contest ($1,000)
An elderly woman doesn’t understand what is happening as she loses her home.

One Day I Turned into a Pumpkin, Descant, Vol. 143, Winter 2008
An abused ginger cat ingratiates himself into a new home.